About Us

Learn about MetaCoders' educational philosophy, team, and more!

The MetaCoders concept is so simple that a single story explains it:

Once upon a time, there was a city. In that city, on a day that seemed otherwise normal, one person (who shall be named ____ until you refresh the page) woke up with the realization:

"Coding education is broken."

____ had heard of the shortages of programmers in the software industry. ____ had heard that coders could make more than $100,000 per year. ____ had heard that coding boot camps were selling 10-week classes for $10,000 or more. ____’s Facebook ads were full of for-profit tech summer camps for kids – with price tags over $1,000. ____ had also heard that coding should be a basic literacy, something everyone on the planet ought to have access to.

____ was puzzled that people could be making such a profit off of something like that. Online research brought up a site called metacoders.org. After clicking the Learn More link, ____ read a story about someone (with a different name, in a different city) who had begun to realize the same things.

____ discovered that there were six ways to join MetaCoders – two of which would allow ____ or other community members to get paid to learn to code, and one of which would allow ____’s children to learn to code at affordable prices starting as low as $0.

From that day forward, that otherwise normal city was no longer normal. ____ made it "go meta".

Six ways to "Go Meta"

Enroll Kids

You can enroll children in local classes and summer camps – applying for scholarships based on need.

Become a Coach

You can apply to be hired as a MetaCoders coach, being paid to teach local kids how to code and how to apply the benefits of coding to improve your own life from day one.

Become a Tech Coordinator

You can apply to be hired as MetaCoders technology coordinator, charging computers in your house for local MetaCoders coaches to pick up on their way to class.

Register a Location

You can apply to list a public location you manage (i.e. a local school, art studio, etc.) as a MetaCoders classroom.

Volunteer as a Scientist

You don’t need a science background to learn the learning sciences and help ensure that MetaCoder classes are of the highest quality. All you need is free time and a clipboard.

Code to teach Coding

You can help code educational software that MetaCoders uses in classes.