Code the Meta Way

Kids deserve the best in coding education.

We teach kids coding the “meta“ way. We bring the latest scientific research to the table to make sure kids are getting the most out of our classes.

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Meta Games

Our students stay motivated with badges and prizes.

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By reflecting on how we learn, we are able to learn more efficiently.

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Meta Stories

Stories are powerful tools for teaching values and communicating ideas.

A good education takes a village.

Coding education isn’t possible in many communities because the expertise isn’t there yet. We help train community members to bring grass-roots coding education to local kids.

We’re teaching coding to save the world.

Around the world, coders are tackling cancer, self-driving cars, and terrorism. If we are going to save the world, we need more people coding.

Meet the people who are saving the world, one coding student at a time:

Portrait of Sonny Najar, a programming language developer and coding teacher
Portrait of Lindsey Handley, the MetaCoders Co-Founder and Vice President
Portrait of Sara Lucchini, a computer science curriculum developer and teacher
Portrait of Judith Eisenberg, a coding educator