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Build your Own Schedule!
Our staff will work with you to find the best time for your co-learning pod. For example, start every week with coding class at 9am on Monday, or code three times a week at noon! We create the unique educational experience that works for you.
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Starting as low as $70/hour for 2-5 students, our prices adjust based on your pod's needs. Our customized pricing allows for student groups of any size and age. You don't have to choose between quality and afforability for your students' education!
Structured for Your Students!
Unlike our drop-in Coding Club, Coding for Pods is able to provide the same Coding Coach every time and guarantee the same students in every session -- your students! Get personalized attention and structure to maximize your students' growth.
Completely Customizable!
Is your pod specifically interested in a topic not currently offered in Coding Club? We can customize our topics to the needs of your students and even create new curriculum just for you!*
*Additional cost for custom curriculum.
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What Can Your Students Learn?

The following topics can run on Chromebooks, macOS, or Windows and require no installation.

Code it all in a free online coding editor; no installation required!

Python Game Design
Did you know that the Python language is named, not for the snake, but for the classics of British comedy: Monty Python? Our Coding Coaches guide students as they learn the basics of Python including syntax, variables, inputs/outputs, conditionals, and data types while designing and developing games.
Web Design & Development
Create websites using a combination of HTML and CSS! Students will learn about the different tags in HTML by formatting their text, adding images and links to their websites. They will also focus on adding different styles, layouts, colors, and fonts to their website using CSS.
Coding & Electronics
Learn about electronics and coding without a physical board! Using a web-based code editor for physical computing, students will be able to program the buttons, lights, and sensors of a virtual Circuit Playground Express (CPX) board. Students can use the drag and drop block-based interface or jump into Javascript.
Endless Runner Game
Code a classic! Students use a typed coding language to code and customize a multi-staged game in the style of Temple Run and Super Mario Run. Students can theme their game with provided Mario, Harry Potter, or Star Wars assets complete with items to collect and dangers to avoid.
Maze Game
Code thrilling and challenging maze puzzle games! Students will focus on level design and game balance while using a typed coding language to create a top-down puzzle adventure. Students can theme their game using provided Minecraft or Pokemon assets or even create their own.
Coding with Scratch
Scratch is a drag-and-drop programming language known for its beginner-friendly interface and colorful code blocks but MetaCoders takes Scratch beyond beginner! Perfect for all levels, students get to choose and code the projects that excite them from our ever-growing collection of curriculum.
Coding Digital Art
Get creative with code! Generate and manipulate shapes in the text-based language Scheme while learning universal coding tools like functions, definitions, and arguments. Once they have gotten comfortable the basics, students get to choose art projects from our ever-growing collection of curriculum.
Coding Adventures
Our Coding Coaches will guide your young coder through creative drawing and coding activities as they learn valuable computational thinking skills such as sequencing, pattern recognition, and problem solving as well as general computer knowledge!

The following topics require software to be installed on macOS or Windows.

Detailed instructions are sent upon credit purchase or upon request.

Coding for Harry Potter & Mario Fans
Build your own adventure based Harry Potter or Mario games. Gamer fans will earn special Mario game design badges while Harry Potter fanatics earn themed badges as they explore the "magic" of coding!
Coding for Minecraft & Pokemon Fans
Minecraft is a famous example of the classic survival-style video game. Learn how to build your own survival game inspired by Minecraft or Pokemon with other kids who love these video games!
Coding for Marvel, Fortnite, & Star Wars Fans
Code your own battle game where you decide the challenge! How many enemies do you want to face? What tools fill your armory? What powerups are at your disposal? Fill your game with characters from your favorite games and movies!
3D Exploration
Let your imagination run wild; code immersive 3D worlds you can see with a click of a button! Our Coding Coaches guide students as they learn a programming language for designing and customizing interactive worlds that they can walk (or fly!) through.
3D Orbit
Take to the stars! Code planets, moons, asteroids, stars as you create your own unique solar system in stunning 3D. Our Coding Coaches guide students as they explore a programming language for generating entire universes.
LearnToMod Minecraft
Learn how to make cool, custom Minecraft mods with our instructors. Tech requirements for this topic include pre-purchasing LearnToMod software ($29.99) and having a Minecraft account on Windows or Mac version 1.9.