About MetaCoders

For the past 7 years, the founders of MetaCoders have been pioneering innovative approaches to teaching students coding. MetaCoders operated as a for-profit for several years as we honed our skills as educators and developed new technologies to better engage our students. Now, MetaCoders is teaching students nationwide!

Our Mission

MetaCoders’ mission is to prepare students for the future by not just teaching coding, but teaching students how to learn new programming languages. Programming languages come and go, so students need to be ready to learn the next language - whatever that may be! This means MetaCoders spends time teaching students about their brains and how they learn!

We’re teaching coding to save the world.

Around the world, coders are finding a cure for cancer, engineering safer self-driving cars, and fighting the spread of COVID. If we are going to save the world, we need more people coding.

Meet the people who are saving the world, one coding student at a time:

Portrait of Stephen R. Foster,the MetaCoders Co-Founder and President.
Portrait of Lindsey Handley, the MetaCoders Co-Founder and Vice President.
Portrait of Sonny Najar, Senior Operations Manager.
Portrait of Jason Le, Senior Curriculum Manager.
Portrait of Sara Lucchini, Senior Manager of Learning & Development.
Portrait of Judith Eisenberg, Senior Manager of Human Resources & Instructional Operations.
Portrait of Jordan Hisamoto, Senior Program Manager.
Portrait of Eunice Baes, Customer Service Specialist