Make a Difference in Kids' Lives

MetaCoders is in communities throughout the United States, and we are continuing to grow. We are looking for candidates who support our mission of a world with more computer science education. Our current employment opportunities are:

Computer science teacher works with young boy enthusiastic about coding video games
Become a Coding Coach

Teach kids in your community how to code!

Technology coordinator updating and installing software on lots of chromebooks in office
Become a Technology Coordinator

Help us connect coaches and students in your area!

Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to employment opportunities, we're always looking for volunteers and interns to help us maximize student outcomes in our classrooms.

Learning scientists writes notes about student progress and monitors computer science classroom
Volunteer as a Learning Scientist

Study and monitor MetaCoders classes in your local area to make sure kids have the best classroom experiences.

Volunteer programmer codes drag-and-drop educational technologies for K-12 students
Volunteer as a Coder

Help us code open-source educational software that kids around the world can use to create video games, apps, and more!

Summer camp intern in computer science education bonds with a young boy at camp
Intern as a Summer Camp Team Leader

Lead students in our summer camps in coding exercises and make sure they have a great first experience with coding!

Our Core Values

We're all in this together! Our core values help us accomplish our mission of creating a world where everyone knows how to code.


A common phrase we use: "we be good people". We always exercise compassion when working with our employees, volunteers, parent customers, and students.


It doesn't take the most expensive equipment or the flashiest software to teach coding. Many of us learned at home on our own! Resourcefulness is one way we offer better classes at lower costs.


We use coding in everything. Our entire team, from coaches to administrators, is always looking for ways to be even more adaptable using the power of code.


We respect people of all backgrounds. Respect between teachers and students is paramount in the classroom. The same goes for respect between all levels of staff at MetaCoders.